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We are all aware of the challenging times Greece is presently facing. That is why we developed the Ideas4Greece campaign. We believe this is the best way to initiate a global discussion and bring awareness to the issues of a country we all cherish so much.  We call you and all members of the Greek diaspora from all corners of the world to share your idea on how to help Greece by answering this question: “if you had the power to change something in the country what would it be?”.  Upload your video (up to 2 minutes) stating your idea (please feel free to post a youtube response to our Ideas4Greece video), via twitter, Facebook or by leaving a comment on this page. Greece needs us so lets be there for her. Show your support and share you thoughts on how Greece can thrive again.  Let your voice be heard and inspire others to speak up for a good cause.
Until now we have had the participation of many prominent Greeks:

The idea for this campaign was born while attending the NIC 2010 conference in Chicago. The campaign is presented by renowned Greek actor Alexis Georgoulis who is depicted as a man tied up with his mouth taped while he sits watching the Ideas4Greece. Meanwhile he is tormented by his good and bad self and becomes more and more anxious.  Finally he succumbs to the urge to break free and have a voice and he escapes from the ropes and tears of the tape from his mouth. He wants to be heard too. What are you waiting for?





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